Tools for Transparency

The Town of Westwood posts tons of information online, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find the material you need. I’ve collected the following links to help residents better access these resources related to the Planning Board:

Link to Resource Description
Planning Division Section of town website with links to zoning map, bylaws, staff contact information, etc.
YouTube All Planning Board meetings are recorded by Westwood Media Center and published to this YouTube playlist. Subscribe to the playlist to receive notification as soon as a meeting is published.
Facebook official page on Facebook where Planning staff post materials.
IQM2 Agenda + Materials Our meeting packets are accessed through this tool. Please click the board name (default is Select Board) to change it to Planning Board. This lists all our meetings with links to the materials we are reviewing prior to the public meeting. Some materials are not public until the meeting, but in general, the items that have been submitted by applicants as well as peer reviews, third-party traffic studies, etc. are accessible through this system.
Current Planning Board Applications Recent and upcoming applications and materials the Planning Board is considering, organized by property or issue. This list is easier to access than the individual agendas when you do not know the date.
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One thought on “Tools for Transparency

  1. For folks with a cable provider and no box there still is the ability to watch Westwood Media Center. If your provider is Verizon enter channel # 128.12842 to find it.


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