Vote: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Thank you to the voters of Westwood who re-elected me!

Dear Westwood friends,

Three years ago, I was elected to the Westwood Planning Board and now serve as Chair. I am asking for your vote to allow me to continue my service to Westwood. Town Election is Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

All meetings of the Westwood Planning Board are recorded by Westwood Media Center and may be viewed online by following this link.

When I campaigned for election to the board, I promised to focus on several key themes and, working collaboratively with the other board members and our Town Planner, have accomplished the following:

Meaningful transparency and resident participation

Development that enhances our community long term

  • Meticulously reviewed Islington redevelopment proposal to ensure key concerns were addressed and documented through the imposition of 50 conditions of approval
  • Ensured that applicants understood and adhered to our affordable housing requirements. Worked with our Housing Agent and participated in community workshop.
  • Reviewed all applications prior to public meetings and discussed with Town Planner to communicate concerns and opportunities to applicants

Safer walking and biking

As Chair this year

  • Initiated Pledge of Allegiance to open all meetings
  • Implemented gender-neutral naming from Chairman to Chair
  • Managed meetings to provide more opportunity for resident comments and wrap up most meetings prior to 10pm.

It has been a privilege to serve on this board and make a difference in Westwood. Thank you for your continued support.

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